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I am dedicating this page and Blogs to my experience with Inmotion Hosting and calling it “Life With Inmotion Hosting”. I’m doing it mostly out of frustration at this time due to negligence from their Tech Support group. Inmotion Hosting ( IH ) lost my website data last week and has basiclly ignored any type of technical support in regaining the original data. They have repeated messed up my two websites to were they had been off line for I believe 18 or 19 days combined in just the last month! I will describe these instances with you in as much detail as possible including transcripts from their Tech Support Chat line to Tech Support emails I’ve sent and received from IH.

I will start with the latest incident since that’s the one that broke the camels back for me.

First, if you’ve had the privilege of viewing my two websites and that are being hosted by Inmotion Hosting you’ll notice that they both are extremely complex in design and the material matter within it. These are not your dumb-ass blogs about a pet cat or dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and have had pets my whole life, just not going to blog about them and bore everyone to death when Rover rolls over for the first time on command.

So to get things started, my first blog will be about how Inmotion Hosting deleted my website from their server.

It started Monday morning January 5, 2015.

That Monday morning I awoke around 7:30am after working all night on my website tweaking it to optimize page loads since it is media heavy with lots of images and video’s. After making a cup of morning joe, I logged onto my computer and started reading my emails. After corresponding to a few of them, I tried to open up my website but got a 404 message stating webpage doesn’t exist. Tried a few more times and realized my site was down at the hosting company IH. I was a bit shocked because just a few weeks prior, my other website was shut down for a whole week plus some due to negligence on IH tech support. That story will come soon after this one!

I must apologize at this point due to the fact I don’t have a copy of the Tech Support Chat transcript of the following conversation.

Once I was connected to a tech support personal I immediately requested a manager I know and had spoken to the prior month on the other issue I had with The manager, we’ll call Mike W, knows me well enough to know I’ve been through the ringer once with IH and wanted to assure me that everything will be OK on my site. Mike informed me that a hack attack took place on the server my resided on. And this is where it seemed a bit strange to me because I have several domains under one account or one plan if you will. I always assumed all the domains where on one server because the plan is just one account allowing up to 6 websites on that account. But Mike informed me that only was affected because it was on the server that was attacked and not the others. Mike works 3rd shift which is when this hack attack took place on Sunday early morning from what he stated. Not having much confidence in IH tech support group from prior experience I emphasized to Mike how important it is to getting my website back up and running in the same fashion it was last night when I logged off due to how much work I’ve put into modifying it the last week or two for best performance in page loading times. Mike assured me that all would be handled personable by him to ensure my website’s past experience would not occur again. When I questioned the time frame needed to reinstate my website on the server and get it running again, Mike alluded to around 6 hours but it could take up to 24 hours for a complete propagation time frame. So I checked every couple of hours throughout the day, but the website was still down by bedtime that Monday night.

The next morning, Tuesday January 6th, 2015 I awoke late for some reason and didn’t actually try to log into my website until around 9:40am or so. When I did try to log into my website, I was shocked to seeing an old version of my website steering back at me from the computer screen. I thought I had awakened in the “Twilight Zone” and this was just a bad dream that a good cup of coffee would snap me out of. I than checked my website to see if it too was messed up. Luckily, it wasn’t! I immediately called my old friends at IH tech support online chat to see why I was viewing a database that was 2 months old!

Here is the transcript of my Tech Support Online Chat with IH. Now keep in mind, I’ve been having a bad experience with IH prior to this incident and my tone isn’t pretty to read because of that experience just a few weeks prior to this. This link will take you to a Post page that’ll entail the transcript of that morning January 6th 2015. Inmotion Hosting Deletes My Database

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Before I get to far ahead of myself, I should bring this fact up since it seems to repeat itself at Inmotion Hosting. On Monday morning when I noticed my website was off-line at Inmotion Hosting it should be mentioned and brought to everyone’s attention that Inmotion Hosting never attempted to contact me about the breach on the server I was being hosted on. In fact, this seems to be a bad habit Inmotion Hosting has because back in September 2011 when over 700,000 sites had been hacked into by what is known as the TiGER-MATE hack, not a single site owner was informed about the attack. No emails. No phone calls. Not even a message on the web about the breach. Only after 1,000’s of anger customers who lost data, databases, and websites did Inmotion Hosting come forth and make a statement.

Here is a comment written by a mortgage company about that attack and the link to what Todd Robinson, President of Inmotion Hosting had to say about it.

Inmotion Hosting’s apology letter and comments on the letter.

Mr. Robinson,

Thank you for this – it is somewhat comforting to know our sensitive information was not likely compromised. I say somewhat because we never received notice from InMotion of the attack but were alerted by a customer’s complaint of a website malfunction 16 hours after the attack.

In the future, I would hope your company would find it purposeful to alert the main contact in our profile (if only via email) so we may be proactive in securing our information and continuing our online presence.

Rob Maher
HomeFirst Mortgage Corp

Now it would seem to me that after 4 years since the TiGER-MATE attack, Inmotion Hosting would start informing site owners about any kind of a breach that occurs on their servers. I bring this incident up because it shows the type of company Inmotion Hosting was 4 years ago when a serious treat happened and still seems to operate today.

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