InMotion Hosting Deletes My Website

by Joker on January 12, 2015
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InMotion Hosting Deletes My Website

I apologize to everyone that lands on Aaspedia TV and finds my site in disarray. InMotion Hosting Deletes My Website. It seems my hosting company InMotion Hosting had a hack attack on the server my website resided on and InMotion took it upon themselves to deleting all files on that server prior to doing any type of a data backup. By neglecting to backing up the server they had in fact completely deleted all my data for Aaspedia TV. I’ve been trying to assemble it as quickly as possible from a back up I had a month ago, but InMotion had been dragging their feet in any type of assistance so the rebuilding has been taking a lot longer than anticipated.

InMotion’s costumer service to my situation is surprisingly none existence. And when they do assist you, you’ll hear their all too common phrase they all practice and say so well ” We do not assist in third party software support”!! I’m using WordPress for christ-shakes, perhaps the biggest online user software in the world. And their other phrase they throw at you is, “Our support service is a benefit and not a requirement”!! to our customers. So I should feel privilege when they fuck-up my site and don’t complain afterwards for technical support that refuses to help in fixing the mess they caused because after all, it’s a benefit !!

I will write more about my full experience with InMotion Hosting on this cluster-fuck they caused with transcripts I have of our conversations that will hi-lite what little if any effort they played in getting me up and running again. And the total lack of technical support they willingly won’t provided or that they just don’t have the technical knowledge to provide for you. But first, I need to get Aaspedia TV up and operating again.

As you can tell, I’m completely frustrated with InMotion Hosting and would advise anyone looking for a hosting company to stay away from these people, especially if you’re using WordPress.

If you want to avoid these types of incidents from happening to you, you might want to check out HostGator.Com services. They’re having special pricing right now and if you fill in the coupon code with “Aaspedia25” you’ll get an additional 25% discount on any hosting package from HostGator on us. Just our way of saying “Thank You” for listening.

Thanks for the ear. We’ll be back soon.

I have just released the beginning of this saga. It is not intended for the weak of heart or those that only watch “G” rated films. It is a get in your face “I don’t give a flying shit” because it’s real and it’s happening right now!

See it HERE

See what “Life With Inmotion Hosting” is like!!!

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  • Bob Z
    December 9, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    I also have a problem with Inmotion deleting my website. I spent $1500 to have Inmotion design a website to replace a website I designed. Before they replaced the old website, I told them not to delete the website they were going to replace. I made it perfectly clear not to delete that site. Because the new website did not work out, I decided to go back to my old website. Called Inmotion many times and was told everything on my previous website was deleted. I was even told it was my fault. Every time I talked to someone at Inmotin, they would be polite, but did not give a crap. Surely I would think my old website is somewhere but I am being told its gone and there is nothing I can do. Not only have I lost potential customers because of the new website, instead of giving inmotion my $1500, I should have just thrown my money down a rat hole.

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